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       National High School Gymnastics Association



New website is found at 



Election Information 


Association Information
and News


Senior Invitational




All American


NHSGA Coaches


Other Gymnastics Links






New website is found at 


---Happy Handstands---



We welcome you to the best organization for high school gymnastics.

Our goal is to keep the gymnast first in all that we do.

We realize the dedication the gymnasts put into both school

and gymnastics; we want to honor those gymnasts and coaches.

Good luck to you and always keep your chin up and move forward with your goals!




Meet Your Executive Board:


Donna, Dean, Margie, Mike, Pat, John, Bethany


Comments (1)

Margie Canfield said

at 9:10 am on Sep 5, 2012

HI Margie,
I like the site. It seems easy to navigate. The links work. It would be great to have past gymnasts who have competed be able to post comments about their experience. I don't know of any gymnast, at least from Ma that has ever had a bad experience. The "testimonials" are not needed but may add a personal touch.
Also, more pics of the facility , beach, etc. The location is amazing and meet is so well run..
Thanks again for always putting the gymnasts first! You guys are the best!
Lisa Mansfield, Team Ma

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